Essential Safety Measures

Owners of all buildings (with the exception of single houses/garages) constructed post 1994 have always been required to undertake a regime of inspecting and maintaining all essential safety measures within the building. As of 13 June 2009, this requirement was extended to cover all buildings constructed prior to 1994.

Essential safety measures could be any one of 46 different services nominated in the Building Code of Australia. They include the obvious services such as fire sprinkler systems, smoke detectors etc, but they also include a number of more obscure services such as fire rated walls, paths of travel to exit doors and fire indices or carpets. Building owners are required to undertake an on-going routine of inspecting and maintaining all services as well as documenting this maintenance. Annually, a report must be compiled confirming that all maintenance has been undertaken. Most tenants are also not aware the standard commercial lease agreements novate this requirement from the building owners to the tenant.

The following list will provide you with an idea of how TWC Group can assist you in meeting your legal requirements to undertake this maintenance.

  • Complete management of all maintenance inspections and reporting requirements. Effectively we do everything, from establishing a maintenance program, undertake all maintenance inspections (or outsource any specialist maintenance TWC Group can’t provide in-house such fire services and electrical works), and provide Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports.
  • Undertaking the maintenance of specific essential safety measures as part of existing maintenance programs.
  • Establish maintenance programs for implementation by clients
  • Independent auditing of existing maintenance programs.
  • Provide Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports for existing maintenance programs.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your legal requirements to undertake maintenance of essential safety measures.